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PCT is complete!


On October 16, 1970, Eric Ryback completed the first PCT thru-hike. At a mere 18 years old he walked from Mexico to Canada. 2,313 miles in 132 days. 

September 19th, 2017, I finished 2,650 miles in 140 days. Mostly. We had named the year of 2017, 'Ice and Fire'. We heard reports of 200% more snow in the Sierra then there had been in recent years. After the snow then came new growth after the melt. This is what brought the fires. 

The middle of July I had time to make up miles that I missed from 2017.  The first section  spanned from Chinook Pass (in Rainer National Park) to Snoqualmie Pass. The second was Sisters Wilderness and Jefferson Park area.  

The Washington section took a few days to finish and I did it Sobo with my friend Sue. My favorite part was walking into the Norse Peak area and seeing the huge valleys all while walking next to Mt. Rainer. Such beauty! 

Oregon supplied my friends and I an overwhelming amount of gorgeous views. We started in Elk Lake and heading north to Breitenbush Lake Trail Head.  We all were excited to see the mountains that were shrouded with smoke last year


It was such a redeeming factor to walk with these guys who were talking trash about how ugly Oregon was last year. When they walked around each corner they were utterly amazed. It felt great. 

The worst part was each night. I didn't bring a tent because I knew it wasn't going to rain. But the mosquito were out.  With a vengeance. It was a blood bath every night. The only protection I allowed myself was that of a 10 degree quilt with a bug net to cover up. It was so hot! Eventually, on the back side of Three Fingered Jack, I used the rain fly of my friend who brought a tent and used that as protection vs my bag. So much relief. 

So my last few steps of the 2650 miles ended at Breitenbush Lake Trail Head with Two Taps and A-Team. As I walked over the finish line I completly stumbled! It was so funny and a great reminder that ever after so many miles I still need to focus. 

Thanks to everyone along the way last year and this year on the PCT. I couldn't have done it without you.