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Happy International Hike Naked Day!


Summer Solstice is here! Today is the longest day of the year for us northerners and you all know what that means! Or maybe you don't.

If you are out near a long trail like the PCT, AT, or CDT (and many more) you may stumble up a few humans walking around with no clothes on. Don't be too alarmed! They are out there enjoying nature just like you, only you picked the one day of the year that is celebrated by many thru hikers as International Hike Naked Day. 

Word to the wise, if you turn the corner to find a group of naked thru hikers briskly walking toward you in their birthday suit. Laugh at them, say something crazy, then consider joining in on the festivities!  It will give them a better story than awkwardly passing a fellow hiker going the opposite way. 

My advice is three fold.

1. Carry a Bandanna. Rumor has it if you carry a bandanna tucked into your waist belt this can be quickly dropped to cover up if you walk into a Boy Scout Group. Actually, in that case just keep plodding along and walk faster no need to make eye contact! Haha! 

2.Anti-Chaffing. If you start getting a hint of chaffing, put those silly clothes back on! I've almost quit both the AT and and PCT due to chaffing! Don't even start it! 

3. Feel Free! Really, feel free, it is so nice. Also, feel free to get over yourself and how you were made. I believe we all need to jump into a freezing cold lake or river just to feel life again! Go for it! 

So get out there and enjoy today like you never have before. Happy Summer Solstice.

*A shout out to the Naked SunCups. Thank you for dealing with all the random stops along the trial to jump in and freeze our butts off last year. Pretty sure I would have walked past most of them if it wasn't for you convincing me that the water wasn't that cold.