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Internal Thoughts: Sharing Isn't Always Caring

My friend Aaron just doing simple boring things like tying his boots. 

My friend Aaron just doing simple boring things like tying his boots. 

I've talked about it before that this, what you see is just a highlight reel. There is no way I can show you everything in my life (nor to I want to). But you never get to see the whole, unadulterated story. All I do is show you a perspective. This "religious" life is normal but traveling, climbing, hiking, and adventuring is exciting. These are all true aspects of my life and everything I show is real and amazing. 

In contrast, it is also a bit of an unfair representation of what my life might actually be like. Climbing, adventuring, suffering in the outdoors is a very small percentage of what I do. There is so much more to life than adventuring. Thank God. 

Though adventuring is cool and instagram worthy, and I want you to share in my experience, I can't show you the moments between. In my opinion, if my life motivation was to only hike long trails or climb sick lines. I feel like life would be coming up short and a little unfulfilling. 

I find it difficult to share moments of me reading my Bible, my prayer life, or working with individuals in need. Times of complete vulrability with people who see me for who I really am. These truly are the best things in life. 

What makes it so powerful, is it takes place in my own intimate place.  A space where I am comfortable and relaxed with Jesus. I can document everything staged or unstaged envading that privacy with camera or words. I still can't capture the reality of it all. The arguments and tensions with co-workers. The mundane step after step after step of walking on or off trails. Really, when I think about it, it all looks super boring. 

How do I share the moments of complete relief after praying for a gentleman in the mountains with an abscessed tooth who is miraculously pain free? Or the feeling of a man on the street who I've asked to pray for me because I know he can hear from God for himself? The conversations I've had with close friends about real life issues. These moments are neither interesting or appealing. Emails, zeroed out bank accounts, seat backs, packing, repacking, long calls on the phone with airline agents. Yet it is these moments between that make life happen and are oh, so beautiful. 

These are the real parts of my life. I might even say the best parts of my life. I want to share with you these experiences but there are some things that can only be experienced by those who live them. 

So, I share the highlights that get a few likes. The mountain tops, the sunsets, the climbing and the interesting people along the way. I share my internal thoughts and reviews of gear that I use. I do this because these moments are valuable. 

Maybe all of this is attractive to you. Maybe, this is what you want your life to look like too, and that is great.  But please don't be mislead or confused by what you see when you choose to live an intentional life for Christ. You get life on the inside but what you see is  just an external of my life. It is only am encapsulation of what makes life what it is. A frill.  When the camera is off, life happens here. 

If this inspires you at all. The way I live my life or operate everyday lets talk. I am all ears. It has been life changing as this way of life can also be yours.