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Reminiscence of a Blog

Sony A6000 1/1600 sec f/5.6 Colorado, Spring 2018

Sony A6000 1/1600 sec f/5.6 Colorado, Spring 2018

Look I am doing a new thing! A new blog, new website, new look, still staunch smell. 

Over 13 years ago I started a blog of my time working in an NGO and during this process I realized I was not very good at writing. At all. Years later I've decide to resurrect my typing fingers and cobwebbed brain to do just that again. Improve my writing. 

What do I plan on talking about on this thing? Who knows! The last few months I've realized that I've got ideas and experiences worth hearing about and people want to learn (from me of all people) about those times. 

Another thing I noticed was after working in a creative environment for quite a few years, stepping out of this creative roll was nice at first. There was no pressure to create content.  I've become a selfish sponge only ingesting other peoples creativity and ignore my own. 

I want to invite you into my journey as no matter how short or long it is. It's just like a long trail sometimes you only hike with a person for a few miles and then you hike around them. It is still a shared journey. 

Join me in conversation, in creativity, in pros and cons of whatever we may share.