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Mixed Feelings on NYE.


New Years.  It can be a fine line between interesting and difficult for me. Today I googled ‘New Years Resolution’ and 107 million results popped up. A little overwhelming to say the least.  I guess I have a hard time jumping onto the hype of things NYR. What is so special about one day.  I see people around the globe want to start a fresh, to turn over a new leaf, or to start that bucket list they have had for so long but, I rarely hear about people staying consistent or committed through the New Year.  Though I am all about improving myself and the community I find myself in (and it does begin with me), I still find it a hard pill to swallow. Turns out to be just a bunch of empty hype.

It is just another day.

Remember Y2K? This time will be forever forged in memory. So much hype, world destruction, and the demise of man was predicted when in all actuality the Sun, Moon, and Stars were doing the exact thing they were designed to do. Rotate.  I hate to spoil it but, astronomy teaches that the Universe doesn’t even revolve around us. How disappointing.

New Years Resolutions.

Don’t get me wrong. Just because I think most New Years Resolutions are a bunch of hype doesn’t mean I don’t think they procure change. I am sure a lot of positive things happen and there are dramatic life changing stories because of a NYR. However, I would dare to say with those stories there was dedication, commitment, and discipline already in place before the tick of the New Year.  Trust me, I want to make change for the better. I want to challenge the places where I am comfortable. I want to make a positive impact on my community. It just needs to go beyond New Years and the first two weeks. (By the way, how are you doing with yours?)

And…It just feels kinda trite there is no real motivation.

Obviously, I am speaking from my own experience with the New Year Resolutions but the way I see it if I am doing something because the rest of society tells me I need to make these big changes, its not a true motive. There is no fuel behind it, nothing that will sustain me. There are 364 other important days to make life changing decisions by…just pull up your boot straps and get it on!

 So, Happy New Year!