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Drs. Orders


I don't go to the doctor very often, if at all. But, 3 weeks into my hip hurting I decided this pain wasn't going to walk off. It became so bothersome I could barley put on my left sock. It was time for a second opinion . I went to a chiropractor. I know what your thinking, "Chiropractor? Thats not even a doctor!" Work with me here, baby steps.


I sat in the room alone except the life size human skeletal system hanging out in the corner. Not too much to worry about just bones. After waiting what seemed like ages the Chiropractor finally walked in with his notepad. We chatted for a bit and then finally started to discuss what was going on with my hip. I was laying supine and soon was being stretched and maneuvered in every which way. After this,  I looked at him and asked what was going on.

This is the part that gets me every time. He told me everything he knew about it, which included everything I knew about it. My hip flexor was tight and I could only do one main thing to let it heal properly. Rest. 

He continued talking for a bit after this but honestly, it was so hard to listen. I had no real idea what he was trying to convey except something to the effect of "...out of the ordinary" and "...probably...high stepping". I am not sure. 

I nodded my head up and down thinking of what would be out of the ordinary. "Cool." I said to myself. "I can relax. Easy."

So I did! I took some time, packed my bags, and went on an amazing weekend vacation. I sauntered up Black Butte Mountain, stayed the night, walked back down the next morning. I even stopped by the coffee shop in Sisters, Oregon to get drinks for those type of people. The the leisurely drive took us to the base of Smith Rock State Park. Its sheer cliffs of tuff and basalt are ideal for navigating and working your way up the rock in a relaxing manner. Thankfully, my friends from YWAM Yosemite helped me in the relaxing department so I mostly belayed the entire time. 

My hip pain never went away that weekend, or that next week but man it was sure relaxing!

What are some things that you find relaxing that most people think is stressful? What are the reasons why you choose to do his type of avtivity? 

Ryan Unger