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Internal Thoughts: Count Your Blessings


Walking in the rain with friends, I was reminded to, "count my blessings". At one point we were all enamored with the fall colors changing before us. Immediately, I thought of thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2014 and how I got to witness life and death on the trail. We started in April and all you could see what seemed like dead ominous trees hanging over the trail. As the days grew longer there was a stirring, a slow chaotic jolt to our surrounding that most are unaware of. There was life. I remember my friend Gunpowder, dancing through the bushes so excited to see green popping onto the trail. After a few weeks and spring in full bloom the novelty kind of drifted away. My focus went elsewhere but yet this life was all around me. Months later, walking in the New England states after packing up my tent and cleaning my dish (licking my spoon). I was on the trail thinking about what I might encounter in the 20 miles I was walking that day. Just as I was getting into my walking groove I watched a single leaf drift slowly down onto the trail in front of me. I realized I was observing in detail this arduous progression of death in all of its beauty. I was watching in full, unadulterated detail, the four seasons. Snow did come that year, the leaves were laid to rest for another season. This day I stopped and counted my blessings.