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Internal Thoughts: Ladybugs


This scene unfolded when I took just a few seconds to step away from the chaos. Things on the trail were a little stressful teaching 8th graders how to cook in the back country. So many hands. So many ideas. Once I got the team on the right track it was time for me, as a leader, to step away. I knew I couldn’t go far, but I needed to let them learn on their own without me. Plus, the other leaders were with the students also. 

When the oddity of walking without a backpack on kicked in, I hit a new level of exploration in my moment of freedom. “Just a little bit further,” I thought. As I jumped over the mountain stream over some boulders to a point where I hoped I could see the entire valley. I saw this.

Tiny little ladybugs. Ladybugs on rocks, sticks, branches, trees. Everything’s was covered. It seemed like millions of tiny ladybugs. I felt like I had discovered a secluded sanctuary or secret retreat of this species. Turns out this is called aggregating aka mating. 

Do yourself a favor this weekend. Unplug or step away from your chaotic life, if only for a second. This can be on an elevator ride, the subway, or drinking out of a drinking fountain. Things will be fine. Tell yourself you can do it. Turn around and jump back in, This is part of the adventure we call life.