About Me

Some Things About Me

Photo by  @justinhelmkamp

Hey! I am Ryan Unger

I am a missionary, photographer, thru-hiker, and overall fun-hogger. But mostly a fat dude who loves walking and eating. Sometimes at the same time.  

My goal is to inspire others to investigate who Jesus is and discover the love He has for those around us and the world. 

I do this in a place called Planet Earth. I love long distance hiking along with inspiring other to do things they thought were impossible in the outdoors. 

I also am a photographer who has been shooting since before digital became a thing. I've shot for various organizations and publications ranging from daily news and behind the scenes on movie sets to tribes down in Brazil and refugee camps in SE Asia. 

I've learned a ton through the people I've met in over 20 countries I've traveled. I can say it is the individuals I meet that make the trip no matter where I am.